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My name is Michelle Lane and I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!

"Taking Pictures" has been a life long passion of mine. My first camera was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 110 model that used 126 film. I can still remember how it sounded when i advanced the film and how i waited in anticipation for the pictures to be developed. It was so exciting!

Growing up, my dad, Garry Thurber would paint at our kitchen table - usually in the middle of the night when we were all asleep. But, when i was there, i loved watching him and I also secretly loved the smell of the oils. Whatever he was working on, whether it was a snow scene or a stormy summer day or a peaceful forest scene, he would talk about the direction of light in the painting, the shadows, the movement and the mood. Without realizing it at the time, i was learning about some of the key elements that make an image memorable - composition and light!

So, I use the media of photography as my pallet - experimenting with textures and colors and patterns. My photographic interests are endless, but if i was forced to choose a favorite subject , I would choose the human face. I love to capture expression!

I have created this website, because i have lots of images to share with you as I continue to develop as an artist and also as i continue to expand and explore the business of Photography. This business tool an excellent way to display and share images for my clients.

If you love my work and you would like to talk to me about booking a session, please email me @

My goal is to live my life with photography in it everyday!

Keep on smiling

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